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Alori Properties creates partnerships based on the idea of real estate
investment in the traditional sense.  That is: safe, secure, low risk,

long-term, non-speculative investment with an ever increasing rate of
annual return and a gradually growing equity interest.  

We pursue this goal by acquiring both retail and office real estate
projects in Central Texas, which are well managed, well run, and fully
occupied at the time of purchase. All of our properties are
managed by our central office.  

Over the past twelve years we have developed efficient systems and
assembled an experienced staff for leasing and management.
over 75 years of experience in real estate and business
Lew Aldridge, Jason Aldridge, and Jim Lommori currently own and manage
138 commercial units in 19 properties with a combined market
value of
more than $65 million.

Both as property owners and property managers, our business practices

are based in the belief that the long-term prosperity generated by our work
and our partners’ investment comes from the value added to the

community at large.  That value is the important and needed service of
providing well maintained, competitively priced, and fairly administered

rental property to people who need to rent a space for their business.  

To further acknowledge our relationship with our comm
unity, Alori
Properties partnerships also contribute
s 1% of its gross rents to non-profit
organizations serving the needs of the homeless in Austin, Texas. To date,
Alori Properties has contributed $720,000 to many non-profits including,
Caritas of Austin, Project Transitions, Foundation Communities, Habitat for
Humanity, Austin Children’s Shelter, and Safeplace for homeless services
and homelessness prevention.

Alori Properties is proud to be one of the largest producers of solar power
in Travis County.  We have installed solar power installations on most of
our buildings.

Alori Properties partnerships aims to provide the highest level of property
management and investment opportunities, while also focusing on giving
back to the community and continuing to conduct business in a way that is
environmentally conscious.